Quang Nam is located in the key economic region of Central Vietnam

Area: 10,438 km2; Population: 1,6 million people

Its geographical convenience enables Quang Nam to easily connect itself with other areas in Vietnam and all over the world.

Quang Nam is the only province in Vietnam that houses two World Heritage Sites, namely the Ancient Town of Hoi An and My Son Holly Land. Quang Nam comprises flat land along the coast and increasingly high elevations towards the west, with the highest elevations along the border to Laos and Kon Tum Province. The highest peak is Ngoc Linh mountain at 2598m. In contrast to the other provinces of the South Central Coast there are no hills or mountains near the coast (with the exception of the Cham Islands with a peak of 517m).

More than half of Quang Nam’s area is covered by forests, making it one of the more forested provinces in Vietnam. Forests dominate in the west of the province and along the border to Quang Ngai Province. 111,900ha of land are used for agriculture, mostly in the east of the province.

The Thu Bon River system covers most of the province (except for the south-east), making it one of the largest river systems in central Vietnam. It led to the rise of an ancient Cham city state that was once Champa’s most influential city and also included one of its most important commercial ports at Hoi An.

It also accommodates Cham Islands World Biosphere Reserve which is famous for its untouched natural beauty and valuable-and-rare produce.

Quang Nam has a long coastline of 25 km with white stretching sand, golden sunshine, and many well-known beaches voted to be among the most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. Therefore, it is easy to develop ecotourism and resorts.

Especially, Quang Nam’s Chu Lai Open Economic Zone is the first coastal economic zone in Vietnam – operating in different industries and fields that comply with international regulations.

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